Factors That Affect Your Ranking On Google

Google continues to be the top search engine in the web world with over 85% of web surfers resorting to it for relevant contents related to their keywords or key phrases typed in the search box. However, reaching the top is comparatively easier than remaining there. Maintaining the top position is the greatest challenge in the game. Google also understands this and it is consistently updating its search algorithm; the Hummingbird to remain qualitative and objective in producing the search results.

However, the core features of the Google search algorithm continue to be a mystery for both webmasters and experts. Many presumptions were made, but at times even the top SEO tools fail to yield the desired results in search engine optimization. Neither the webmasters nor the experts knew what constituted the criteria for page ranking on Google.

The mystery continued unresolved for long. Experts tried to address the issues, conducting SEO tools reviews to learn why and how they failed to generate a desired page rank on Google SERP. However, at least Google came out with some important announcement about the search criteria they are following to give ranking to web pages and sites. The announcement was regarding three top factors that affected the page rank for the web pages and sites. Google reportedly depended on these signals in their overall algorithm Hummingbird more than any other factors.

Contents of the Announcement

The announcement made by Google indicated that the three signals that received top priority in their search algorithm were links, contents, and RankBrain. The first two are directly generated by the web page or site and the third one is an artificial intelligence system that emphasizes human touch in the search algorithm. Though, Google has over 200 ranking signals these are admittedly the top three. This also substantially resolves the problems, experts were facing trying to find out the top SEO tools that can give them page rank without having sound knowledge of what is required in them.

Ranking Within Ranking

Initially Google said and the experts and webmasters also felt that RankBrain is the third most important signal in the algorithm with contents and links being the first two of the signals. But the question is whether there is a ranking among the ranks and one of these is more significant having telling impact on SEO. Many experts feel that this is necessary for them in the process of devising and developing and SEO tools review that would help them find the right one. A core factor in this is that while content, quality back links, and RankBrain are the top three signals for determination of ranking by Google, the order may not necessarily be the same.

On the web, content is still the king and quality back links are still very highly regarded by world’s top search engine. However, from recent experiences it is found that RankBrain is having more impact on SEO process and page rankings. It can be also assumed that the top three factors affecting page rank on Google SERP are RankBrain, contents, and links; most probably in that order.

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