Famous and Born in Watford – Terry Scott

Terry Scott was one of the most familiar faces on British television in the 1960s and 70s. A lovable, larger than life character, that always seemed to be henpecked by his co star. During the peak of his hit classic comedy series, Terry and June, (in which he co-starred with June Whitfield) he attracted more than fifteen million viewers.

His birth name was Owen John Scott and was born in Watford. He attended Watford field junior school followed by Watford Boys Grammar School.

He began his theatrical career in his teens at the Watford Amateur Dramatic Society, where he found his niche early playing small comic roles.

He served in the Royal Navy in the second world war and upon his release in 1945 entered the world of show business as a manager of multiple seaside shows all over the country.

In 1949 he joined the BBC where he was to appear on a radio show with the late great comic Bob Monkhouse, surprisingly this was not successful. However he later got together with another comic Bill Maynard and went on to star in the popular TV series Great Scott, It’s Maynard.

During the late 50’s he was involved in stage work before starring in another hit comedy, Hugh and I. This went on to top the ratings through the 60’s.

His most famous role was when he teamed up with June Whitfield. Initially the show was called Happy Ever After, but later was renamed to Terry and June. It was a classic hit and ran for an unprecedented 14 years bring pleasure and laughter to millions. The pair also went on to appear in the comedy Bless this house as the neighbours of the carry on king Sid James.

Scott actually made an early appearance in the early Carry on Sergeant in 1958 in a minor role but returned to the series ten years later in 1968 in Carry on up the Kyber. Following that was Carry On Camping in 1969, Carry On Loving in 1970, Carry On Henry in 1970 and Carry On Matron on 1971.

In 1979 Scott suffered a brain hemorrhage but managed to pull through a four hour brain operation. Following on from this he suffered creeping paralysis and often had to wear a neck brace on stage and TV.

In 1988 when his hit show Terry and June was axed he sadly suffered a nervous breakdown. This was also brought on by his public confession that he carried on several affairs during his marriage to Margaret Peden, who he married back in 1957 and had four daughters with.

Sadly after an eight year battle with cancer, Terry Scott died on 26th July 2004 aged 67 at his home in Godalming, Surry, surrounded by his wife Maggie and four daughters. He chose to return home when doctors informed him nothing else could be done to treat his disease.

Source by Richard J Palmer

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