Mary Kate and Ghandi?

Mary Kate Olsen has a new movie coming out. No big deal there, right? However, in THIS movie the 21 year old Mary Kate, who still looks like a teenager, has a passionate kissing scene with none other than Ben Kingsley. Ben Kingsley? You mean the guy who won an Oscar for playing Gandhi in the movie four years before Mary Kate and her twin sister Ashley, were born? Yep. That’s the one!

The movie is called the Wackness, and is slated to come out in 2008. It’s supposed to be a comedy. The movie was filmed last week, and in an interview a few days later, Kingsley was quoted as saying this about Olsen and the scene: “It went extremely well and she was very focused. She was very good, very professional. She was quite wonderful.” (Yeah, Ben. I’ll bet she was.)

In the movie, Kingsley’s character is a therapist. He forms a friendship with a teenage drug dealer, who uses pot as barter for therapy sessions. (A pot smoking psychologist? It’s for medicinal purposes, right? Uh, huh.) Mary Kate’s character is one of the male drug dealer’s customers. The movie previews don’t expound on how the gangly looking Mary Kate winds up kissing a man three times her age. Apparently, the interaction between the young girl and the grandfatherly therapist lasts only a few seconds and then the characters never see each other again.

“It’s for a few seconds and then we disappear and we never see each other in the movie.” Kingsley says “But she is a trigger into my quest for happiness.” (You mean the pot didn’t cut it?) We can only imagine how a senior citizen ends up in a passionate lip-lock with a girl who looks young enough to be “carded” in the bars.

Mary Kate Olsen got her start on the television sit com “Full House” in a role she shared with her twin sister Ashley. Recently, the pair appeared opposite each other in the 2004 movie “New York Minute”.

Source by Angela Edwards

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